Christ Church Bradford


An olympic runner trains for four years in order that, at the split second the starting gun fires, he will come to the perfect peak of mental and physical power. Christians organise the whole of a week in order that, just as they arrive at Sunday worship, they come to the perfect peak of physical and mental and spiritual condition, ready for the most crucial moments of their lives.

10.30am  Morning Worship

This is our main worship service of the week and lasts until about 11.45am. There's no need to book a place, and face masks are optional. (No-one will judge you, whether you choose to wear a face mask or not.) The service will include singing. A creche and Sunday school are provided for children.

After the service, many people stay longer and talk - we'd love to get to know you! There's always someone able to offer lunch to newcomers. If you would find it helpful to have a lift to church, please contact Richard by email or on 07812 762 055.

5pm  Evening Prayer Meeting

This is our main time to pray together as a church, and everyone is welcome. The meeting will last about an hour, and is followed by hot drinks for those who wish to stay longer.


Our teenagers meet together for discussion most weeks after the evening service. This takes place over some food in a church member's home, and includes both social time and a discussion of a Bible passage (usually the one which was preached in the morning worship).


If you missed a service, most of our sermons can be downloaded as MP3s or listened to online.