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Light & Lord's Supper
John's Gospel
John's Gospel
Sermon Notes

Evening Service.

Morning Service not recorded. Some notes for the morning are here:

1. A tremendous amount of condemnation is present here in this chapter, the 'perishing'. Death is more than the physical death, after death there is more death, the lake of fire and a never ending, continuing dying, v18 &36. The world is under God's anger but He comes to rescue.

2. The condemnation and judgement is from God.

3. This condemnation we have brought upon ourselves. The Light has come into the world but men preferred darkness, man rejects Christ and condemnation is just.

4. God is calling you to be honest with Him. Dont run from the light but come, knowing all your evilness, and pray to God, be honest with Him. You cannot hide anything from Him. Light and dark, day and night are a theme throughout Johns gospel. John writes his gospel later than the others and sees the ongoing state of the world and what people are still like, loving darkness. Pray to God, be honest, confess and He will be faithful and forgive sins.

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